C37.94 Power Line Testing

Protect your high voltage lines with the NetProbe C37.94 Handheld Tester

NetProbe 2000 C37.94

New Generation Analyzer for IEEE C37.94

The NetProbe 2000 C37.94 is a field analyzer with IEEE C.37-94 Multimode optical
fiber interface for testing bit error preformance between teleprotection and digital
Multiplexer equipment. Can be combined with many optional interfaces for T1,E1,
WiFi, VoIP and V-series testing.

NetProbe 2000 C37.94 boots in seconds and measures optical power, propagation delay and runs a bit error rate test, empowering technicians/engineers to quickly turn up a new network or isolate and resolve problems between teleprotection and digital multiplexer equipment . Its alarm monitoring and optical power measurement function allows technicians to easily verify connectivity and power levels to ensure uninterrupted operation. It can measure propagation delay, the roundtrip time of a digital signal on the C37.94 teleprotection circuit, which is a critical element of the time required for a protection system to automatically respond to a circuit failure and prevent an outage in the power transmission network.

It’s housed in an ultra-small, rugged enclosure and has a bright touch screen color interface. It can even be optioned with 10/100/GigE, T1, E1, T3, E3, V-series, G.703 64Kbps, WiFi, VoIP…all integrated in one unit. Operating expertise is easily achieved in just a couple of minutes with its intuitive graphical interface.

The NetProbe 2000 lists for a low price and includes a carrying case, 2 meter duplex LC to ST fiber optic cable, 850nm MM SFP optical transceiver and a mini-to-USB adaptor. Everything you need.

Did you know?

Power Lines have redundancy
Relays switching to the redundant lines are controlled by multiplexers and teleprotection circuits. Fiberoptic lines are preferred over copper lines to connecting this equipment due to their immunity to electrical noise.
The NetProbe 2000 C37.94 allows provisioning and maintenance of this equipment and lines.

Key Features

  • Performs BERT measurements and alarm monitoring on the IEEE C37.94 multimode optical interface
  • Provides flexibility of choice of removable SFP optical module
  • Test network performance through propagation delay
  • Measures optical power level

Series Highlights

  • Smallest and lightest handheld analyzer currently on the market designed with the same technology as used in the smart phones, with expected 10 year life cycle
  • Ergonomically shaped for long term  holding in the palm of a hand
  • Supersize Li-Ion-Polymer battery for up to 10 hour uninterruptable operation
  • Fast interaction and operation due to the latest generation ARM processor
  • Intuitive presentation of test results I text and histograms
  • Powerful test result dBase storage with on screen review or ability to export to USB.
  • Bright white touch screen LCD
  • Easily software upgradeable to include IPTV option.