All-in-one IPTV Quality Testing

Q Probe Video Quality Ststem

All-in-one IPTV Quality Testing Probe combining video image and transport metrics analysis. Q probe can be used as a stand alone desktop or rack mount IPTV quality control system.

Access your video and transport metrics logs from home or office and make sure your network is running smooth and efficiently.

Monitor and control the system from work or the comfort of your home office.

Monitor and control the system from work or the comfort of your home office.

Net Q-Probe Features and Applications

Product Features

  • Video Content Quality Monitoring
  • Transport Quality Metrics
  • OTT Streaming Transport Monitoring
  • Install the server in your existing rack or as a stand alone desktop system.
  • 24/7 monitoring of up to 3.5 Gbps of combined bandwidth of SD and /or HD channels in MPEG-2 TS format in real time.
  • Actively connects to all selected channels at the designated locations to performs MPEG2-TS deep packet inspection with TR 101290, jitter, packet loss and QoS performance analysis.
  • Supports MPEG2-TS, UDP, UDP/RTP and OTT-HLS encapsulation.
  • Decodes a group of up to 16 unencrypted MPEG-TS or OTT streams and checks for issues such as frozen screen, no video, no audio, audio clipping, black screen, blockiness, video blur, flickering, jerkiness. Further, channels are displayed in the Mozaic featuring a user selected group of 16 channels using round robbin.
  • Monitor and logs alarms from transport and image quality metrics analysis. Automatically
    notifies key personal via emails or text messages.
  • Analysis of DVB-C with dual tuners and MPTS stream monitoring for transport quality.
  • Monitoring of PAL, NTSC, DVB-T and ATSC of physical layer.
  • OTT streaming analysis for transport quality.
  • IPTV stream generator for multi stream simulation.
  • Offered as a complete hardware/software appliance in 19” rack 1U or desktop enclosure.
  • Available as software only for installations on customer server class PC.

Application Usage

IPTV or Cable-TV Head-end

broadcastcenter Q Probe for the Broadcast Center allows pre-screening of the IPTV streams before they are transmitted to the IPTV clients. Streams received from other media networks for retransmission are checked for transport quality.

Broadcast Center

iptv cable head end Q Probe is the only IPTV quality probe ever needed for the small IPTV/Cable-TV network operator. Located at the head end, it can test up to 5Gb (500+ channels) for transport and image quality.

IPTV Equipment Production Test Site

IPTV Equipment Production Test Site Q probe can be used at the manufacturing test site to verify correct stream generation of the newly assembled equipment such as video transcoders, decoders servers, multiplexers, etc.

Development Lab

Development Lab Q Probe in the development lab can be used to verify quality of video streams generated from video encoders, transcoders, servers, etc. Stream generator can be used to verify video decoder, or transcoders.

As a software solution changing or upgrading your server hardware will not effect your current software license. New and optional test features can be added as needed.

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