About US

Net Research Corporation, (formerly known as Compression Techniques Corporation, or CTC), was founded in 1982 by four scientists and engineers from Comsat Laboratories, celebrating its 30th anniversary. Original products developed by Net Research were specialized in telecom voice compression. In 1985 a business model was changed to develop, manufacture and market handheld telecom analyzers. This is when a well know T-STAR brand was born. Thousands of these T-STAR series analyzers were sold to telephone operators, long-distance carriers, CLECs, ILEC, utilities and end-users around the world. The T-STARS offered many pioneer features and innovative designs.

In 1992, Net Research opened a subsidiary company in Poland with a goal to expand its R&D programs using technical talents in this newly liberated country. This decision worked very well. Today, the subsidiary, called Net Research sp. z o.o., has an experienced team of software and hardware developers. Located near the famous AGH Technical University, Net Research attracts top talents and has an ongoing research collaboration with the AGH Telecom Department in the area of Video and Voice Quality over IP.

In addition to its own products, backed by its strong technical staff and broad technology experience, Net Research has developed many telecom high-tech products for other manufacturers. Examples of us such products are: triple playtesters, copper line testers, IPTV test software, PDH monitoring systems, T1 multiplexer.

The latest telecom analyzers offered by Net Research are the state-of-the-art palm-size devices, the NetProbe 2000 series. They offer testing of both legacy and IP networks with interfaces for PDH, VoIP, IPTV and DTV, Ethernet, WiFi, C37.94 and more. By combining so much technology in one miniaturized tester the NetProbe 2000 offers unique value for telco’s, mobile carriers and small operators.

In 2012, Net Research is releasing a new product brand, the NetVizion. The NetVizion offers a software solution for Digital TV Network Monitoring (NET-xTVMS), Network Inventory, Network Planning, Network Configuration, Billing &CRM, the latter being a result of a partnership with Suntek S.A, an IT company in Poland.