NetProbe 2000
Optioned your way…no plug-in modules

  • Gigabit analyzer includes BERT, Throughput, RFC 2544, Y.1564, Monitor, Traffic Generator, Smart Loopback, Wiremap, Optical Power and more
  • C37.94 analyzer includes BERT, PDL and Optical Power
  • T1/E1 and Datacom analyzer
  • G.703 64kps CoDir analyzer
  • VoIP call/answer and analyzer
  • WiFi  dual band  802.11 b/g/n analyzer
  • IPTV Analyzer
  • Powerful test results storing and reporting
  • Export and Import via USB Flash
  • VNC remote access

NetProbe 10G

1G & 10G Ethernet performance tester:

  • Supports optical (XFP, SFP+, SFP) and electrical (RJ-45)
  • Bit error rate testing (BERT) Layers 1/2/3/4
  • RFC-2544 Analysis Layers 1/2/3/4
  • Traffic Generator (1-8 multi-streams) Layer 1/2/3/4
  • Loopback Regenerator
  • Wire Map, Optical Power and IP Tools
  • IEEE 1588 Analysis
  • VoIP SIP call simulation and analysis
  • IPTV STB emulation and monitoring
  • Comprehensive reporting


  • Service Assurance Probe for IPTV, OTT, VoIP, Internet
  • Countinous 3-play active testing
  • Remote configuration and monitoring via web client
  • Terminate or pass thru connection at customer or last mile
  • Web Dashboard to control and monitor multiple probes
  • API to customer NMS available.

Test as a Service (Taas) NFV Solution


  • Virtual Performance Evaluation
  • Stress Agents Cloud and HW based
  • Customer customized tests

Smart Loopback Reflector for 1G/10G Ethernet

  • 1G electrical (RJ-45) and optical interfaces (SFP)
  • 10G optical interfaces (XFP/SFP+)
  • Supports full rate loopback for layer 1,2,3, and 4
  • IP Ping, Traceroute, for layer 3 connectivity tests
  • Supports all carrier Ethernet validation tests: RFC-2544, Y.1564, BERT and Traffic Generation
  • Supports Remote Web operation
  • Portable, lightweight rugged device

Net Q Probe Integrated IPTV Quality

  • All-in-one IPTV quality probe combining video image and transport metrics analysis
  • Multicast and OTT HLS compatible
  • Detects no video, frozen screen, blockiness, , blurring, and more
  • Captures video clips with quality issues
  • Autoanalysis of the captured clips
  • Generates multiple Multicast and HLS streams
  • Optional display wall with 4 Display Ports from one server

QoE / QoS System

The Net Research NET-xTVMS monitoring system is a center of IPTV/streaming quality control and visualization.

As software solution it runs on x86 commercial servers that can be purchased locally. Clients purchase bandwidth and decide themselves how many Ethernet ports that want to connect to monitor streams.

Field probes located at headend, core routers, edge routers, edge QAMs, last mile and customer sites

Over 40 transport metrics check MPEG-TS quality along the transmission path up to the end user

DVB-C and DVB-T options monitor cable and OTA receptions.

All NET-xTVMS software can be virtualized and run on clouds or proprietary systems.

SDN-WSCT SDN White Switch Compliance Tester

.. most SDN White Switches do not comply with Open Flow standards.

…use this software tool to verify before certification, integration or manufacturing

…check also our freeware


  • Provides clear comparisons of White Switches for implementation in the SDN network.
  • Includes testing of multiple forwarding tables pipeline, testing switches in hybrid mode and certification of VxLAN virtual networking.
  • Selective test suites of Open Flow 1.4 and 1.5 specifications.
  • Can be installed and used in fully virtualized environment for flexibility and cost effectiveness.

H & M Web Based Monitoring Probes

Typical application: Low cost IPTV monitoring in Internet Service Provider(ISP) Network,

  • Stand alone low bandwidth IPTV monitoring probe,
  • Rugged packaging and industrial reliability,
  • Web based appliance generates automatically service quality alarms,
  • Provides basic metrics for quality of MPEG2 TS video transport,
  • Stores alarm history and provides graphical histograms, Accepts streams bandwidth 50 -200 Mbps.

October 9. Net Research releases Net-Mozaic ver.2.0, the industry’s first affordable video mozaic QoE/QoS wall system for headends.

October 2. Net Research introduces the NetProbe 10G, an advanced handheld performance tester for 1G/10G along with the NetProbe 10GR, smart Loopback reflector for 1G/10G Ethernet.

September 5. Net Research establishes a major customer for its new uNET product family. The customer will depend on uNET, a miniaturized triple play probe-robot, to prevent customer churn due to QoS issues with IPTV, OTT, VoIP and Internet.